Chocolate Covered Strawberries


43 years (and counting)...Chocolate Covered Strawberries have remained our BEST SELLING product! 


1. We offer Only MILK Chocolate Covered Strawberries

2. They are ONLY available in-store at our retail locations (DAILY) and Dierbergs Markets 2/12 - 2/14

3. We only offer them in 1/2 LB and 1 LB Boxes

4. We make them FRESH DAILY.  The shelf life is about 2-3 days after you purchase them.  You MUST keep them refrigerated

5. Retail pricing for 2024

1/2 LB - $13.98 (about 5/6 per box)

1 LB - $27.95 (About 10-12 per box)

Available IN STORE Only.  Please CLICK HERE for a list of locations.  We HIGHLY recommend pre-ordering this year


Chocolate Covered Strawberries

At Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Company, we use our Fair Trade Certified Milk Chocolate, a recipe that created by founder Dan Abel in 1981.  Our strawberry supplier is hand-picked by the Abel family every year for the best strawberry.  We are very happy with our supplier this year - the strawberries will be transported to Saint Louis and dipped in our Milk Chocolate 24 hours after being picked.