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Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Company's COCOA and CANE SUGAR is Fair Trade Certified. Fair Trade is one way Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Company can make a global impact from its St. Louis headquarters. Purchasing Fair Trade Certified ingredients ensures that the farmers will continue to farm for generations to come. With the Fair Trade premiums our company will pay – the Ivory Coast Farmers will make $200.00 more a metric ton of Cocoa – which nearly doubles their income. In Belize – where Cane Sugar is grown, farmers will make more than $60.00 a metric ton. With Fair Trade, EVERY PURCHASE MATTERS. Funds from the Fair Trade premiums are used to increase product quality, develop infrastructure, train cooperative leadership, bring safe drinking water to villages, establish local health clinics and schools.

In 2012, Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Company's added SOLAR PANELS to the roof of its NEW State-Of-The-Art manufacturing facility on Pattison Ave. and its original retail location and former manufacturing facility on Chippewa St. Solar energy now accounts for up to 20% of the company's total energy usage! In 2015 - our candy kitchen was also converted over to LED lighting, minimizing our energy cost from traditional energy efficient T8 lighting.

ALL of the products we manufacture in our facility follow four strict rules: NO Artificial flavors, NO Artificial Colors, NO Preservatives and NO Hydrogenated Oils. Our candy makers source the entire world for the finest ingredients to use in crafting our confections. Using the finest, All Natural ingredients in the world is what separate us from others.

CARDBOARD RECYCLING PROGRAM In 2015, Our State-Of-The-Art Chocolate Factory started a recycling program for ALL cardboard materials. On a typical week - we recycle enough cardboard to fill up 2 DUMPSTERS! We continue to work on new programs to reduce our carbon footprint.