No 4 - Dark Blood Orange Caramel Bar 3.5 OZ

No 4 - Dark Blood Orange Caramel Bar 3.5 OZ

Orange peeling not needed!
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  • 1 Bar
    Item #: 00815
  • $4.95
  • 12 Pack
    Item #: 90715
  • $59.40 $54.00


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100% Satisfied
Feb 1, 2018  |  By Linda

Nov 10, 2018  |  By Erin Knight
Chocolate and orange are a favorite combination for me. Make it quality dark chocolate and blood orange, and it's nirvana. Flavor of this is wonderful! The chocolate is rich but doesn't overwhelm the orange flavor. And the blood orange isn't too tangy or sweet. Just right. Gifted this to myself for my birthday. I've got great taste!

My Second Favorite
Apr 6, 2020  |  By Sharon Sheppard
Thee dark chocolate's the best with the orange caramel.

Sep 14, 2021  |  By Darby Jecelin
The first time I tried the Dark Blood Orange Caramel I thought it was some of the best chocolate I had ever tasted. So much so, that I've ordered it several times in the past few months and will be ordering it again soon.