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Sell Chocolates in your very own upscale retail chocolate shop.

Our retail shops are designed to represent ‘old fashioned’ chocolate shops where patrons can pick out their favorite chocolates in a 24 foot long old fashioned candy case. Retail stores have boxed chocolate displays, truffle displays, signature chocolates displays, chocolate molded novelties, seasonal chocolates and windows to the candy kitchen where fresh chocolates are made while customers are shopping.

  • Retail Management training
  • Initial retail setup and displaying
  • Suggested inventory lists
  • Signage and images available

Manufacture chocolates in your own candy kitchen.

Customers in your retail store will be able to watch chocolates being made through windows in the retail store. All Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Company franchisees are trained in manufacturing by some of the finest chocolatiers in America. Manufacturing includes fresh chocolate covered fruits, clusters, chocolate molded novelties, barks, and specialty pieces all in fresh small batches.

  • Initial training in manufacturing
  • Recipes provided
  • Fun and Exciting!
  • For More information, please contact us:
    PHONE: (314) 338-3501 x 100 (Dan Abel Sr.)